Breath of Fresh Air Talent Show, May 6th, 2017

A portion of the proceeds from this event will support:

The City of Brantford Tree Planting Program

Are you talented? Can you put on a show of your own? Does everyone you know think you could entertain a crowd? The Crew Real Estate in partnership with Murky Productions, and in association with many spectacular local businesses are bringing you the opportunity to take the spotlight, center stage at The Sanderson Centre for a chance to win $5000. Yes, that's right, one talented performance is going to win $5000.



How do I participate? Well, here’s what you need to know!

From February 1st to February 28th create a 60 second audition video with the title “Breath of Fresh Air Talent Show Audition”. Upload it to Youtube and complete the submission form below or send the url along with your name, phone number, email, and all other relevant contact information to We'll take it from there.


How does the submission process work you ask?  That’s a good question!

From March 1st until March 30th, all submissions we receive will be uploaded to our contest page. During this time period we heavily encourage you to get your friends and supporters to vote daily to send your act to the top. The 20 acts with the most votes have a chance of being the 20 Acts that take stage at The Sanderson Centre, May 6th, for an opportunity to win the $5000 Grand Prize.

*To keep our event fair and our participants varied, event organizers have the final say on what 20 Acts take the stage. With that said, they will be heavily influenced by the popular vote.


How do you win the $5000?

The 20 Acts that take stage, May 6th, at the Sanderson Centre have 5 minutes to perform and entertain the crowd. Each guest of the show will receive a voter card upon entry. During the headliner performance all cards will be collected and counted. At the end of the evening we will announce the winner by popular vote as decided by the audience. The winner walks away with a $5000 Grand Prize.

It really is as simple as that. Send us your audition video A.S.A.P. and you could win the Breath of Fresh Air Talent Show!

This page will be updated regularly, so check back soon for updates.


Official Rules: Updated Feb 1, 2017

  • Only one audition video per contestant.

  • All auditions videos must have an upload date to Youtube of Feb 1 to Feb 28 and must be submitted to before February 28th

  • Any case of voter fraud or manipulation will exclude your audition video.

  • All Audition videos must not exceed 60 seconds.

  • All audition videos must be family friendly and contain no profanity or content of an adult nature.

  • All audition videos will be reviewed and curated by event organizers before being uploaded.

  • Event organizers have final say on which acts take stage to compete for the $5000 Grand Prize.

  • Not all submissions may meet requirements for entry and final say for audition videos is ultimately up to event organizers.

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